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Electrodynamic Shakers & Shock Test Systems

Dongling Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of vibration, shock and shake testing machinery. With the most extensive lineup of vibration testing solutions and products in the industry and an industry-best lead time of 16 weeks or less, we can ensure that you’re able to meet your testing objectives on time and on budget.

Dongling vibration test equipment solutions include electrodynamic shakers in a wide range from small desktop modal shakers to the industry leading 112,400 force pound rated shaker. More complex test requirements can utilize the 3 axis electrodynamic shaker test system or a multi shaker solutions.

For laboratories that require shock and drop testing, Dongling offers a full range of shock and drop test systems.  Pneumatic or hydraulic assisted shock testers and a wide range of specialty shock testing solutions are all available.

Electrodynamic Shakers & Vibration Testing


Check out the wide range of vibration testing solutions available.


Shock Testing Equipment


Shock Testing solutions include drop, incline and many more options.


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