The vbSeries

vb8 front 300

Our tiered instrument range allows you to select an appropriate set of features at a cost-effective price. Choose a model tailored to your requirements with the added peace of mind provided by our rock-solid 5 year warranty.

Reliability, Accuracy and Usability

Our products are built to robust professional standards that make the vbSeries instruments the first choice for many leading companies about the world.

  • Five year instrument warranty
  • Free software updates to the original registered owner
  • Improved ergonomics for walk around data collection
  • Large, high resolution (HVGA) backlit LCD
  • True left- and right-handed operation
  • Multi-channel on route recordings (collectors and analyzers only)
  • 1 GB memory - virtually unlimited spectra and waveform storage
  • Lightweight, rugged IP65 rated cases
  • DC coupled sensor support
  • 12,800 lines of resolution
  • 40 kHz Fmax
  • Single, dual or four-channel recordings depending on model
  • CSA Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations certification
  • USB host port for data transfer to external USB memory


The vbOnline system enables you to collect data more cost effectively, in a more timely fashion, and with imrpoved accuracy compared to walk around prtable routines. You can safely monitor machines in dangerous and inaccessible environments. With a vbOnline system you can easily schedule periodic measurements in the most inaccessible environments and remotely monitor the health of your critical assets 24/7. This automatically alerts you to potential problems and avoids costly downtime.

Simplicity is our goal

Each vbOnline device connects directly into the LAN/WAN network within your plant. Single user PC or network capable, our system can be as small as required or is easily expandable. As your surveillance needs increase, simply plug in additional modules.

  • Compact and easy to install
  • Modular design suitable for system expansion
  • 4 to 32 channel options, expandable in the field
  • Powerful Ascent Level 3 vibration analysis software
  • Intelligently designed to accept machine data from common sensor types
  • Automatic detection and reporting of alarms by e-mail or text message
  • AscentView web-based machine reporting tool