SIGLENT Technologies - The Best Value in Electronic Test & Measurement

SIGLENT is a global leader in the design and manufacture of electronic test and measurement instruments that provide high accuracy data, dependable quality, and a smart user interface at prices that deliver value for many years.

Digital OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscopes

SIGLENT oscilloscopes provide the perfect balance between features and price. With bandwidths from 50 MHz to 2 GHz, low noise vertical scales down to 500 uV/div, and features like Eye diagram / Jitter analysis, serial decoding and MSO capabilities, SIGLENT will quickly become your scope of choice.


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Waveform GenWaveform Generators

SIGLENT's function / arbitrary waveform generators use advanced Digital Frequency Synthesis (DDS) technology to produce high quality standard function and arbitrary waveform signals. They also provide a wide range of analog and digital modulation functions.

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SpectrumSpectrum Analyzers

Siglent’s innovative spectrum analyzers provide reliable measurement precision and a wide range of RF measurement functions. They incorporate all-digital IF technology and have frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz for use for almost any application.

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PowerDC Power Supply

SIGLENT manufactures wide range, high-precision programmable linear DC power supplies with many useful features including front panel programming, timing output, graphical interface display, a quiet smart temperature-controlled fan, and remote control communication

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Multi meterDigital Multimeters

SIGLENT’s SDM3000 series digital multimeters offer 4½, 5½ and 6½-digit resolution with up to 35 PPM DCV accuracy and a powerful feature set at an excellent price.


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RF GenRF Generator

SIGLENT’S SSG3000X series of signal generators have a frequency range of 9 kHz to 2.1 GHz/3.2 GHz. They provide normal analog modulation such as AM, FM, and PM. They also provide pulse modulation and pulse train generator. In addition, when used with baseband generator such as SDG6000X, they can generate IQ modulated signals.


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DC LoadDC Electronic Load

Siglent SDL1000X series Programmable DC Electronic Load features an input range up to 150V/30A/300W. CC Dynamic mode frequency is up to 25 kHz. It delivers stability over a wide range of applications and can meet all kinds of testing requirements including: Power, battery/handheld device design, industry, LED lighting, automotive electronics, and aerospace.

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