CSZ LogoEnvironmental Chambers from Benchtop to Walk-in for Lab, Manufacturing and Product Reliability

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) has with over 70 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing environmental chambers and temperature controlled products.

CSZ understands the pressure faced by equipment manufacturers and laboratories to develop better quality products that outperform the competition and the need to bring these new products to market quickly. This is why we offer a broad range of standard and custom-designed environmental test chambers tailored to meet your design requirements.


Environmental chambers simulate a full range of environmental conditions designed to test or store your products.

Extreme Cold Temperatures

Temperature chambers with mechanical refrigeration systems achieve temperatures as low as -84°C (-120°F) and temperature chambers with optional LN2 achieve temperature as low as -184°C (-300°F) for fast temperature change rates.

Extreme Hot Temperatures

Typical temperature ranges of environmental chambers are 190°C (375°F). Higher temperatures are available up to 350°C (662°F) in custom test chambers.


Our humidity chambers range from 10% to 98% humidity levels even lower with our low humidity option.


Altitude test chambers can simulate conditions up to 100,000ft (30,000 meters) and higher with standard options.

Combined Temperature with Vibration

Combined test environments are available with temperature, humidity, and vibration while interfacing to an electrodynamic vibration shaker of your choice.


Accelerated stress testing with change rates up to 90ºC per minute combined with 6 axis random vibration.

CSZ also manufactures a variety of environmental chambers that simulate other climatic conditions such as rain, wind, dust and sun.

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