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Since 1987, Equilam has been a recognized leader in the worldwide corrosion testing industry supplying state of the art equipment to its vast number of customers in many different industries. With our expansion into North America, we continue this path providing our customer’s dependable corrosion testing equipment and corrosion testing services with the highest craftsmanship available. Equilam has always been recognized for its quality, durability and ability to turn ideas into functional solutions.

The Equilam laboratory located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, houses a myriad of corrosion test equipment simulating advanced weathering and corrosion testing including Salt Fog, UV, CCT, ACCT, CASS, Prohesion, Gravelometer, Impact testing, Gloss and Mass Loss testing to name just a few. All testing is completed in accordance with ISO 17025 and other worldwide standards and soon our lab will be A2LA accredited.

For nearly three decades Equilam, and now Equilam NA, have been performing to only the highest standards while meeting the vast requirements demanded by you, our customers. We look forward to serving you.

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