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Raymond EMC Enclosures specializes in the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of custom shielded enclosures 
for military, government, high tech, medical and industrial applications. Since 1992, Raymond EMC has been delivering full
turnkeyshielding solutions that have exceeded both industry standards and customer expectations
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Shielded Enclosures

Raymond EMC QuietShield systems and extensive list of options combine to create high-performance RF shielded enclosures for any application.

EMC Chambers

All Raymond EMC chambers are built using a modular RF shielded enclosure system and can include any of REMC RF shielded doors.

Choose from a wide selection of absorber materials and ferrite tile to best suit the application.

Anechoic Chambers

Raymond EMC’s general anechoic chambers are custom designed to absorb electromagnetic wave reflections, including 5G and antenna applications.

Deployable Chambers

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter is a deployable solution equipped with standard forklift pockets that can be transported by air, land or sea.

QuietShelter meets stringent sound and shielding requirements.

Shielded Cabinets

Raymond EMC shielded cabinets are customizable and compact, with many of the shielding benefits of Raymond EMC’s standard shielded enclosures.

Shielded Doors & Accessories

Raymond EMC’s low-maintenance QuietDoors deliver highly effective shielding and smooth operation.

A full range of high-performance RF absorbers are available that meet the most stringent specifications.

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